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Conoco is an American oil and gas company. In 2002, it has merged with Phillips Petroleum Company and is now known as ConocoPhillips or Phillips 66.

It was founded in 1875 at Ogden, Utah as a distributor of kerosene, benzene and other petroleum products. Today, the company conducts its operations in areas as challenging as Norway, Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Alaska and the Barents Sea.

The company is known as the world’s largest independent Exploration and Production (E&P) company and is also widely recognized as one of the leaders in technology and innovation in the petroleum industry.

Conoco provides a comprehensive compensation and benefits package to its employees which includes performance-based annual cash bonus, health insurance, paid parental leave, and profit-sharing plan.

People love working here because they get first-hand experience of the latest industry technologies while working with experts in the field. The management is also implementing efficient employee programs to maximize their performance while helping them maintain their work-life balance.

How old do you have to be to work at Conoco?

It requires its applicants to be at least 18 years of age to be considered eligible for any available position including gas station and corporate jobs.

Conoco Careers

Gas Station Attendants – They provide assistance to customers in filling up their vehicle tanks. They are expected to be energetic and perform a high-quality service as they directly interact with customers daily.

Cashiers – They are in charge of processing payments and providing of change. They also ensure the safety and security of their cash register drawers and be able to balance it at the end of each shift.

Maintenance Technicians – Their key role is to evaluate and maintain the safety and security of the gas station tanks and pipelines. They also perform troubleshoot operations whenever necessary, in accordance with safety protocols and procedures.

Assistant Engineers – Their job responsibilities include providing assistance in maintaining the safe and efficient operations within the entire engineering plant. They are also expected to oversee the general safety and security of the work area.

Other available jobs in this company are: Data Analyst, Multi-skilled operator, Loss Prevention Specialist, Operations Software Developer, Assistant Drilling Engineer, Vendor Management Associate and Customer Service Representative.

Conoco Application

Conoco hosts an online job portal integrated in its website. Jobseekers can easily view the available positions, jobs responsibilities and requirements. They can also directly apply on the site.

Applicants are advised to use the online job portal of the company which allows them to sign up and create their own profile. All applicant profiles can be updated anytime. They can also use this account to apply to multiple jobs.

To successfully fill out the application form, the first thing to remember is to read the instructions before proceeding. Correct grammar and spelling should be observed. All important information about previous work experiences and educational background should be well-written.

In writing a successful resume, bullets should be used instead of paragraphs as this is easier to read. Using the reverse chronological order will also highlight the more recent work experiences.

To efficiently prepare the interview, applicants should conduct a research about the company, its history and services offered. They should also rehearse answering questions accurately and confidently.

Things To Know About Conoco

Conoco is guided by its company culture that is centered on safety, its people, integrity, responsibility, innovation, and teamwork. It consistently finds new ways to enhance the capabilities of its employees to maintain industry leadership.

This petroleum company generates an annual revenue of approximately $ 55 billion and net income of $ 8 billion. It employs more than 16,000 workers worldwide.

Conoco is known for its service recognition awards for outstanding performances and contributions of its employees worldwide. Awards and tokens are given to those who showed exemplary performance based on a set of categories and criteria.

The company is engaged in major advocacies and initiatives in cutting down carbon emissions by integrating energy efficient techniques and following standard and procedures that adhere to environmental policies.

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