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Cox Communications is a privately owned, digital cable television by Cox Enterprises. Based in the US, it provides home automation and telecommunication services.

They started in 1962, dating 54 years back. It offers not only cable television, but also broadband internet, home security, Gigablast fiber, wireless and business services.

Known as the third largest cable provider in the US, it serves over 6 million people. Located in Sandy Springs, Georgia in the metropolitan area within Atlanta – this company has over 20 thousand employees since 2004.

They offer medical, dental and vision insurance along with life insurance. The company also gives their employees discounted prices on telephone, cable and internet services. A pension plan for the stability of their workers is also offered.

Those who enjoy being in a call center environment will find work with the company suitable to their taste. Whether it deals with customer or retail services, applicants who enjoy helping others will feel accomplished at the end of the day.

How Old Do you have to be to Work at Cox Communciations?

You must at least be 18 years old and above to work with the company. Age requirements vary depending on the position candidates wish to apply for.

Cox Communications Careers

Customer Service Representative – plays an important role within the company. They handle requests, answers customers queries and questions. Candidates for this job must meet the customer service standards. They must be professional at all times even when faced with irate clients.

Retail Sales Associate – must know how to multitask and balance their priorities effectively even in a fast-paced environment. This position calls for reaching quotas for group sales. It is also important to be tech savvy and have excellent communication skills.

Home Service Technician – involves reconnection, installation, educating clients and troubleshooting. The technician provides ideas and knows how to work towards the team goal. This position requires someone who is skilled in finding solutions to problems quickly and efficiently.

Account Services Representative – intent listening skills is key to this position as incoming calls are consistent. They resolve issues and take inbound requests and questions from clients about service additions, account balances and payments.

Other positions available at Cox Communications are customer care supervisors, general sales managers, field technicians, business development consultants and solutions specialists. There are other positions available for those interested in being part of the company.

Cox Communication Application 

Interested applicants can apply and be part of the team by looking over their official website. Information is specifically available in the career page. It is here that applicants will be asked to search and add the desired position they wish to fill in.

Applying online is a better approach when planning to join the company compared to on-site applications. Candidates can submit their electronic resume through their official website.

Once there is an addition of the desired position into the job basket, they will receive prompts to fill out their application forms and provide important information. Hopefuls for the position should check the site frequently to see the latest openings. The electronic resume will remain on the network for approximately 6 months.

After submitting online applications, notifications through emails will appear almost immediately. Because of the large amount of forms received for each position within the company, candidates with promising abilities have a greater chance to move into the hiring process without delay.

The interview will take at least two to three weeks. If a candidate meets the qualifications, the representative will reach out to him using the contact details he provided. It is then that a pre-employment background is done.

Facts about Cox Communications 

Diversity is considered to be the core of Cox Communications for over 50 years. They respect and embrace differences within the workplace, thus, allowing them to reach and connect with others.

The company is recognized consistently by third-party organizations due to their commitment and full support to the communities they serve. They have received multiple awards such as Top Company for Community Philanthropy Award, Top 10 Companies for African-Americans and Most Powerful Women in Cable from CableFax Magazine in the year 2014.

They are most known for providing solutions to residential homes and businesses. They also have entry-level positions to their prospective employees. They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for their clients.

By 2007, the company reduced environmental impact of their suppliers, customers and employees by generating positive changes within their operations. They have reduced energy and waste consumption by implementing lighting, boilers and advanced control systems. 

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