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David Yurman is a jewelry shop based mainly in America. It provides both men and women with accessories that define effortless luxury.

David and Sybil Yurman started the company in 1980. David was a sculptor while Sybil is a painter. Both of them worked together to make accessories that will serve as fashion statements and works of art at the same time.

From iconic bracelets to new season offerings, the company has indeed grown to show more customers how effortless it is to be on style. It also has boutiques in Canada, France and China.

Its creative workforce enjoy benefit packages including paid time off, healthcare assistance, insurance, retirement plans, profit sharing options, and flexible spending accounts.

The employees also enjoy discounts on company’s products. The flexible schedules enable them to live a balanced work and personal life.

How old do you have to be to work at David Yurman?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work at David Yurman.

David Yurman Careers

Sales Associate: establishes business relationships with customers. The sales associate is also in charge of the inventory of the business.

Assistant Store Manager: helps the store manager in supervising the operations of the business. He also ensures that the rules of the company are followed.

Store Manager: in charge of supervising the entire operations of the business. The store manager makes sure that the employees are motivated to work.

Seasonal Operations Support: helps in wrapping the customers’ orders. The seasonal operations support makes sure that the products are arranged in such a way that they are visually appealing to customers.

Aside from those mentioned, the company offers other entry-level and professional job positions such as director of import/export, sales professional, transportation coordinator, and brand ambassador.

David Yurman Application

The applicant must visit the nearest local branch to apply in this company. Make sure to fulfill all the requirements to have a smoother application process.

The company only uses personal application process. The applicant will have to go to the branch to personally inquire what jobs are currently available.

When going to the store, the applicant must observe the kind of working environment that the company has. It is also an opportunity to leave a good impression to the other employees.

Do not write an entire paragraph in the resume. Understand that the hiring manager does not have the leisure of time to read that. Use bullets in writing relevant information.

During the interview, focus on the job and the company. Always think of how that answer will affect the company before saying anything. Of course, do not take a long time to think.

Things to Know About David Yurman

The company never stops innovating to provide its customers with only the best products. David Yurman believes that to give the best, there is no time to stop improving.

Its advertising was brought to another level as the company had its first ever promotion shot in color. Anna Ewers was able to show David Yurman’s signature style.

The company is known for its effortless style, which combines modern flair and the unique personality of each customer who wears the product.

This December, the company will take part in providing help to children’s charities. It partnered with Elbi, an organization, which supports children charities. A part of the sales this December will be donated for the children.

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