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La Z Boy, a Michigan-based furnishings company, sells home furniture like recliners, sofas, and chairs. Its products are sold in several retail stores in the United States and Canada.

La Z Boy started out as a small furniture business founded by Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker. They created several reclining chairs, until they decided to renovate their creation, and decided to give it the name La Z Boy.

La Z Boy has over 11,000 workers. Its products are being made and circulated in countries like the Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, and Italy.

Aside from the discount that they get on the products, employees also enjoy a flexible schedule, supportive work environment, healthcare coverage, 401 (k) retirement plans, paid time-off, and life insurance options.

The management makes sure that the entire staff is well-taken care of. Office training helps employees grow as a person and as a professional. Co-workers are helpful and supportive.

How old do you have to be to work at La Z Boy

This company never runs out of work, which is why it needs workers who have the ability to endure long hours. Interested applicants should 18 years old and above to be accepted at any of its offices and outlets.

La Z Boy Careers

Customer Service Representative: The successful candidate will be expected to receive and respond to customer calls. He will also be expected to perform outstanding customer service in a courteous and timely manner.

Sales Associate: The successful applicant will be expected to have acquired enough knowledge about its products, which will aid him in the accompaniment of customers.

Safety Generalist: To qualify, the applicant must undergo training in safety and health policy procedures, and in plant security. The successful candidate will be in charge of all safety and health issues.

Interior Designer: The successful candidate will be expected to schedule room design consultations. He will also be expected to maintain a customized portfolio for future use, as well as train new staff.

Other job vacancies include office assistant, sales associate, delivery driver, auditor, business analyst, business development manager, buyer, category manager, claims specialist, communications specialist, communications manager, and assistant sales manager.

La Z Boy Application

The first step is to prepare a comprehensive resume and cover letter, submit it to the HR office. The HR will then select people that can move on to the next step of the application.

There’s an online application system in the company website, but applicants are still encouraged to apply directly in one of its offices for faster processing of their application.

Write true and honest information. All answers should be specific to avoid misconceptions. Make sure that everything in the application form is answered. The HR may not be able to contact you if supply incomplete information.

Highlight experiences that say you’re the perfect candidate, but don’t make it too long. HR representatives usually place long resumes at the bottom of the pile, making it almost impossible for your resume to get noticed.

Be familiar with what’s on your resume so that you won’t have to look at it once in a while just to answer the interviewer’s question. This will show that you prepare for the interview.

Things to know About La Z Boy

It is a fast-paced and fun environment. The staff is always busy because they never tire of coming up with new schemes for their clients.

It launched its new rechargeable battery for power recliners on April 14, 2016. This battery pack has the ability to power your recliner for two weeks. 

It is known for being innovative. What makes it different from other furnishing companies is it never runs out of ideas. One minute or the next, it already has a new technology to make customers’ life more relaxing.

It is the official furniture provider of Ronald McDonald House Charities. It is their epitome to help kids have a comfortable home while they receive medical care.

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