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Jason’s Deli is an American casual restaurant chain which offers deli-style menu items. The restaurant serves sandwiches, muffalettas, pasta, and salad. It also serves vegetarian and gluten-sensitive items.

The restaurant was founded by Joe Tortorice Jr. on November 30, 1976. Its first location was in Beaumont, Texas. The restaurant still remains a family-owned business.

The restaurant has over 250 locations around the country. It was recognized as one of the Top 10 Healthiest Restaurants in 2009. It was also one of the Top 10 Family Restaurants of 2009 and 2010.

Employees enjoy benefits like healthcare and retirement plans. The company also has a recognition program to encourage employees to work hard. Eligible employees enjoy paid vacation days as well.

People love working for the restaurant because of its competitive rewards system. Employees are encouraged to maintain a balance between personal and work life. They are also given ample opportunities for career growth.

How old do you have to be to work at Jason’s Deli?

The restaurant requires applicants to be at least 16 years old to apply. It offers paid internship programs for students who are at least in their junior year at the university.

Jason’s Deli Careers

Customer Service Representatives: Primarily responsible for taking orders and interacting with customers. They help prepare and deliver food to guests. They are also expected to assist the managers from time to time.

Cashiers: Responsible for manning the point-of-sale stations. They must be knowledgeable in operating cash registers. They are expected to handle cash and credit card transactions accurately.

Drivers: Expected to make accurate deliveries of customer orders. They may also be required to help in setting up the area for catering purposes. They make sure all orders are complete and receive proper payment.

Prep Cooks: Responsible for food preparation. They make sure the food is prepared according to the standards of the company. They must also maintain the cleanliness of their work station.

Other popular job opportunities at the restaurant includes dishwashers, bussers, and sandwich makers. Positions like Shift Supervisors, Order Entry Associates, Catering Assistants, Marketing Managers and Restaurant Managers are also available.

Jason’s Deli Application

Interested applicants are first encouraged to check the available positions posted on the restaurant’s website. The restaurant chain requires a resume to be submitted for application.

Both online and in-store applications are accepted by the restaurant. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the restaurant has specific locations which accepts either online-only or in-store-only applications.

The application form must contain the applicant’s full name, his marital status, recent address, and other pertinent background information. It must be honestly and completely filled out.

An ideal resume must contain the applicant’s scholastic records. It must also highlight qualifications for the job being applied for. Likewise, it’s a must to list down both skills and talents.

Applicants are advised to wear business casual attire during the interview. They must arrive earlier than the scheduled interview time. The restaurant also requires applicants to bring a copy of their resume.

Facts About Jason’s Deli

The restaurant’s culture revolves around its passionate and fun-loving employees. It promotes hard work and provides activities to promote teamwork among employees. It values great service.

Jason’s Deli has received numerous awards, including Best Sandwich Concept, the Golden Chain Award, and the Silver Plate Award. It is one of the 25 Best Fast-Food Chains in America.

The restaurant is best known for their healthy food and menu variety. It is also one of the first restaurants to completely remove trans fats from their dishes.

Jason’s Deli is a known supporter of organizations conducting cancer research, awareness, and prevention programs. It hosts fundraisers to support local schools and churches. It also makes food donations during times of disasters.

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Careers: http://www.jasonsdeli.com/careers

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