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Kids R Kids is an American daycare company which provides learning services and activities. It offers various programs specifically catered to children of different ages.

The company was founded in 1985 by Pat and Janice Vinson. The founders’ vision was to provide services which are beyond traditional childcare and daycare.

The company has been in the childcare business for over 30 years. It is accredited by AdvancED, the largest education community in the world. The company has presence in the United States and Asia.

Employees are provided with benefits like paid days off and paid vacation days. The company also gives employees health, dental, and life insurance. Retirement plans are available as well.

People like working at the company because of its fun environment. It encourages continuous learning and creativity. Employees are also able to achieve work-life balance.

How old do you have to be to work at Kids R Kids?

The company offers entry-level positions which require a minimum age of 18 years old. The company also has additional requirements and eligibilities for certain positions.

Kids R Kids Careers

Childcare Providers: They make sure that all children under their custody are taken care of. They facilitate games to encourage socialization. They also provide them with age-appropriate toys and teach them exercises.

Teachers: They are trained to teach children effectively and creatively. They must create lesson plans, and teach in accordance with the company’s vision and objectives. They are expected to guide children through the entire learning process.

Activities Assistants: They come up with creative and fun educational activities. They also assist in the execution of the activities. They promptly respond to the queries of each child.

Cooks: They ensure the safe preparation of each meal served. They see to it that the food prepared is in accordance with a child’s dietary needs. They also maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen.

The company offers various positions like Afterschool Lead Teachers, Preschool Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and bus drivers. Managerial and corporate positions like Center Directors and Creative Professionals are also offered.

Kids R Kids Application

Applying for a position requires interested applicants to submit a resume and a cover letter. Candidates may also submit additional supporting documents to increase their chances of getting considered for an interview.

The company is open to online and walk-in applications. Online applications are made by sending an email. It’s important to use only the company’s email address specifically set for such purpose.

Companies expect the application form to contain the applicant’s pertinent details like full address and contact details. It may also list down further abilities and awards.

Resumes must regularly be updated to contain applicant’s qualifications. It shall list down schools attended along with the corresponding years attended. It may also contain the applicant’s work and training history.

The company seeks employees who are passionate about teaching children. Applicants must answer questions with confidence and courtesy. They must make sure to arrive on time.

Facts About Kids R Kids

The company’s culture revolves around teamwork and team building. It continuously aims to inspire its employees to be creative, fun-loving, and curious. It also offers training programs to discover new childcare techniques.

Kids R Kids has recently started its interactive winter break program, which is touted as a means of preventing brain drain. The company always strives to come up with modern learning opportunities for children.

The company is best known for being one of the pioneering childcare companies which offers a learning curriculum. It is also known for special programs and camping activities.

Kids R Kids has a feeding program called For Goodness Bake. It’s a bake sale that mainly benefits children suffering from hunger in the City of Beacon. The company works with locals to ensure the program’s success.

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