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Landstar is an American transportation service provider that specializes in third-party logistics and caters to a worldwide market. Its headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

It was founded in Stamford, Connecticut in 1988. Today, it has more than 1,000 agents and generates a revenue of more than $ 3 billion annually.

Landstar System is a renowned transportation company. It has received awards such as Logistics Provider of the Year and Quest for Quality Award. It ranks 10th in Top 100 PL Excellence.

The company provides its employees with a complete compensation and benefits package which includes 401k retirement plan, profit-sharing investment plan, and medical and dental insurance.

People love working for the company because it has a global network and offers a wide array of career opportunities, promotions, and trainings – allowing for both personal and professional development.

How old do you have to be to work at Landstar System?

All applicants are required to be at least 18 years old to be considered eligible. Note that this applies to all positions, regardless of skill or experience required.

Landstar System Careers

Operations Associates: They are in charge of assisting in the management of routes and arranging the shift schedule of workers. They provide direct assistance to the Operations Supervisor and executes safety policies within the area.

Customer Service Representatives: They are responsible for attending to customer inquiries, feedback, and complains. They are expected to be widely knowledgeable of all company policies, services, and key people.

Dock Workers: Their main task is to load and unload the trailers in accordance to company safety and security protocols. They also execute loss prevention precautionary measures.

Maintenance Technicians: They are in charge of maintaining the safety of building facilities and perform repair and troubleshoot operations whenever needed. They work closely with maintenance engineers.

Other available positions that applicants can consider applying for are Loss Prevention Specialist, Call Center Representative, Payroll Accounting Coordinator, City Driver, and Preload Operations Assistant.

Landstar System Application

The company hosts an online job portal where all jobseekers can conveniently view the available jobs as well as the corresponding requirements and job descriptions.

Applicants can conveniently apply online but they can also choose to personally submit their applications in specific Landstar System locations that they wish to work in.

In filling out the application form, it is necessary to provide all required information especially contact details. The document should also be double checked in case of grammatical or spelling errors.

The resume should be written comprehensively with details including academic background and relevant work experiences. It should be arranged in reverse chronological order and limited to two pages at most.

Before the interview, the applicant should learn about the company and the position applied for in order to effectively communicate his abilities relevant to the job.

Things To Know About Landstar System

The company considers service excellence as the basis of its culture. It also supports diversity among its employees and implements staff programs to cultivate their potentials and skills.

It has recently reaffirmed the stability of the company during the annual recognition of its top performing employees, headed by its CEO Jim Gattoni and L. Kevin Scout (CFO).

Landstar System is known for its high-quality and widely available service worldwide with over 1,100 agents, 9,000 leased owner operators, 14,000 trailers, and 44,000 approved capacity providers.

The company has always been an active advocate for sustainable business operations, especially in the transportation industry. They promote and fund projects for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

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