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T.G.I. Friday's

TGI Friday’s, also known as Friday’s, is a restaurant chain that is largely throughout the United States. As of recently, it is owned by the Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners who bought the company in 2014. The brand focuses on casual dining, and is well known for its red and white striped canopies and antique décor.

Beginning in 1965, Alan Stillman opened the very first TGI Friday’s in New York in anticipation of meeting woman who would come to the bar. He was attempting to create a fun atmosphere for younger adults to hangout and have a few drinks since most bars were focused on men. He began with a loan from his mother and started the brand with no experience in the industry.

Alan Stillman recreated the bar scene by allowing a place for single women to go on weekend nights. In 1971, the brand began franchising after opening multiple different weekday-named places of business. Now these restaurants are based all over the world, and are a well-known brand. They have a total of 900 restaurants in over 60 countries.

Franchising information is on their website. The direct application for TGI Friday’s jobs can be found on their website also. You will find a link for these below for the TGI Friday’s application.

TGI Friday’s Careers

TGI Friday’s offers many positions in the restaurant field. If you are interested in employment with the food service industry then you will enjoy working here. A few examples of jobs that you can apply for are: Bartender, Host/Hostess, Line Cook, and also job opportunities in management too.

All jobs allow for ladder-climbing opportunities, and are great for anyone who enjoy customer service, cooking, or working in an upbeat happy place. Training is very important for their team, so not only will you receive training when first hired, but you will also be offered ongoing training which will give you much more experience than working at your average restaurant. 

How old do you have to be to work at TGI Friday’s?

You will be 16 years old to work at TGI Friday’s but some jobs, such as bartender, ask you to be 18. TGI Friday’s is a great place for entry-level positions and welcomes younger staff to learn from a great job.

This company offers many benefits for salary and hourly employees. As an hourly member you are given the options of tuition reimbursement, a percentage off when dining at Friday’s, health club discounts, and many more perks that come from working for a great restaurant. As a full-time management or support team member you are provided a wide array of health benefits on top of other discounts.

If you would like to get a TGI Friday’s application they take applications online for all their locations. All you have to do is download application form, or complete the online application and send it in online or to your local TGI Friday’s.

Pizza Hut Job Descriptions

Cook – Cooks are a very important part of a restaurant crew. Their job description is to not only prepare the customer’s food, but to also confirm that each plate they make is completely up to the company’s standards. Cooks are used to set up and stock prepping stations, and to keep their work area clean to maintain great food standards. They will be good at multi-tasking and efficient in fast-paced work environments.

Host/Hostess – Hosts/Hostesses have very important customer service responsibilities at this restaurant. These employees are the first people that customers meet when they walk in the door. They are to welcome and meet each customer’s at the door with a smile, seat them where they wish to be seated, and make sure they get a server quickly. Communication is key for this role.

Bartender – The bartender is a vital part to the restaurant’s easy going and casual feel. Bartenders are the frontline for anyone sitting at the bar. They ID those who need to be checked, deal with their food orders, and of course take all drink requests. Bartenders must also be able to use the cash and be able to complete any customer’s purchase from the bar so they do not need to wait for a server to do so.

Busser – Bussers are a very important part of the behind the scenes crew. As soon as a table is free bussers are to clean and redo each table immediately. When not cleaning tables, bussers are expected to maintain the washrooms, make sure their station is stocked, empty trashes, prepare coffee, and many other small but vital jobs that allow the restaurant to run smoothly.

Server – All servers are very significant to the restaurant’s customer service. They have the pleasure of being in constant contact with each guest in their zone. They must always have a smile on, be enjoyable, and make sure they have all information correct. They know when to ask questions and how much service to give in order to make every guests’ visits perfect!

TGI Friday’s Interview Questions

If you are so lucky to get an interview at TGI Friday’s here are some questions that you may be asked:

Why do you want to work for TGI Friday’s? This common question can set you apart if you prepare for it. It is important for you to understand what the job can do for you, not just what you do for the employer. If you feel you will get a distinct set a skills then now is the time to say so. 

What experience do you have? If you have any previous experience working in a similar atmosphere then you would highlight that here. Working in a fast-paced environment calls for a certain type of person who can stay calm under pressure. Be sure to select specific moments where you experienced this type of setting and how you handled it. 

Are you a people person? This question, or something along the lines of it, may come up if you are applying for the many front-line positions they have which require working with the public. If you have any experience public speaking or leading then that would be an asset. However, if you are just a very extravagant person you should be able to convey your personality to the interviewers in an appealing way.

What are you strengths and weaknesses? This is a questions that is often asked, but not often answered well. Be sure it be honest. Do not lie about your strengths or weaknesses. Be sure to have genuine weaknesses you want to work on, and make sure your strengths are somehow relevant to the job.

Managerial candidates might answer are: “Do you consider yourself a leader?” and “Can you provide examples of how you were able to effectively manage employees at past jobs?” This is a good way to express any previous experience whether or not it be when you were specifically in a managerial position. Leading is a large part of being a manager.

Advice For Application Process

When you apply for jobs at TGI Friday’s be sure to have a relevant resume that you submit with the application form. Also, have a cover letter that describes what you want out of careers or jobs, and why you would fit with this restaurant. If you know a specific TGI Friday’s that is hiring then get the printable application form to hand in with your other papers, and show up in person to make a good first impression.

If you are called for an interview be sure to be presentable. You should wear formal clothes no matter what position you are applying form. Be clean and tidy, and make sure to smile when you first meet them. Be sure your posture is correct and you are not crossing your arms or sending any other negative symbols through body language.

Interviews can often seem like a flurry of questions in just a few minutes, but how you present yourself during that time is very important. Be sure to answer every question with clarity, and be confident. Make sure you emphasize if you are interested in TGI Friday’s careers, or TGI Friday’s jobs. If you are looking for a long-term career then let them know. Be sure to thank your interviewer when leaving.

If you are interested in applying for a job at this restaurant then you can do so by going to TGI Friday’s jobs online and getting the printable application for TGI Friday’s. Make sure you download this free application to give to your local TGI Friday’s.

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