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Every day more and more people every day begin to love playing outdoors and have new adventures.  REI is a company specialized on outdoor fun and activities with their own brand to represent.  As one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For according to Fortune Magazine, submitting a REI application can be very important to job hopefuls.

Started by 23 mountaineers in 1938, REI is a co-op retail outdoor gear store.  They work with their members for their members.  Members and non-members both get to enjoy high quality and name brand products made to motivate people to engage with the outdoors. Beginning in Seattle, this company now has over 130 stores and continues to work with the community and its customers.

Customers can join for $20 and receive a portion of the profits along with many other added benefits. REI engages with the community by assisting with beach clean outs, reconstruction efforts, restore local habitat, and more.  Besides the environmental efforts and assistance, they also offer classes to teach customers how to prepare for an outing or to learn a specific skill.  The community is part of their company.

With stores nationwide, people are able to research and purchase quality outdoor gear that will help maximize the fun and adventure.  REI adventures offers members the ability to travel all over the globe and experience different outdoor activities in groups such as hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and more. There is no doubt REI jobs are highly sought after and provide a fulfilling career in the outdoor equipment industry.

REI Careers

REI jobs fulfill the lives of all of their associates.  They focus on their personnel understanding that without them and their success, they cannot succeed.  They respect and appreciate each employee and offer many incentives and rewards to all hardworking associates.  They do everything they can to get everyone outdoors with employee activities and volunteering.  Awards and Incentives are also given at the end of the year.

Many job opportunities are available in all their departments and since they promote from within, many entry level positions need to be filled with excellent and diverse talent.  You may apply online for positions as a customer service specialist, sales specialist, outdoor school instructor, outdoor program market coordinator, contact center representative, and more.  All of these positions can be at entry level.

Other employment opportunities can be found in the corporate departments.  With the proper skills and certifications required, you may apply for positions as accounting, e-commerce account manager, program manager, technical specialist, product manager, forecast specialist, and more.  Some of these positions can be achieved through promotion or by having the proper experience and credentials.

Since their company respects and appreciates their employees, full time positions come with a variety of benefits.  These benefits include healthcare insurance, retirement plan and stock options, incentive programs, employee discount, time off, and adoption assistance.

How old do you have to be to work at REI?

Candidates as young as 16 can work at REI. The hours of operation are Mon-Sat 10am-9pm and Sun 11am-6pm.

REI Job Descriptions

Customer Service Associate- Assists customers in finding products.  Answers questions regarding merchandise and membership plans.  Processes payments and receives returns and exchanges.  Helps unload products and sets up displays.  Their average pay is around $9-$15 per hour.

Sales Associate- Works closely with customers to find products and sell co-op memberships.  Maintains proper product knowledge and assists members and customers with sales questions.  Works closely with management to maintain areas clean and re-stocks products. Their hourly salary ranges from $9 to $15.

Cashier- Receives products from customers to check out.  Sells memberships and pushes Visa program.  Processes payments and returns.  Average salary is around $9-$12 an hour.

Outdoor School Instructor- Promotes safety while teaching programs in-store or outside.  Demonstrates full knowledge of instructional topics.  Presents well instructed classes and works closely with the OPO Market Coordinator. They make an hourly wage of $14.

OPO Market Coordinator- Creates marketing materials and social media outlets.  Works with management and community resources to prepare appropriate outdoor programs.  Their annual salary ranges from $25-$30k.

REI Interview Questions

Once you have reviewed the job descriptions and submitted your REI job application online, you will need to get prepared for an interview.

What value do you add to our team? Specify your strengths and how they are an asset to their company.  Research the position well and tailor your answer to that position.

Do you know what a co-op membership is? Research how their co-op membership works and what it offers.  Let them know you know these things fully.

Do you like outdoor activities? Sharing the same passion for the outdoors as everyone else in that company is important.  Talk about things you like to do outside and why.

How can people describe you as a leader? This is another opportunity to talk about your skills and why they have helped you succeed in the past.  Also mention times you have been an exceptional leader.

Why do you want to work here? Having a good knowledge of the company and what it does for the community is vital to be able to answer this question.  You will be very successful if you share the same love for the community and outdoors as they do.

Advice for Application Process

REI jobs are fun in nature. Many people who enjoy and have a passion for the outdoor and their community are perfect for these positions. REI careers allow people to live out their passion, grow, and develop their skills into a successful professional life. Their careers website clearly shows people how to apply for jobs at REI.  You may apply online via a direct application or download application form.

Their printable application for REI can be requested through the local store directly. You must properly fill out the printable application form and return it along with your most current resume.  The responsibilities for each position are detailed on their website.  The store locations will be hiring for various positions so it is important to know which ones are available for hiring.

You can apply for jobs at REI online as well.  After you have submitted your application, you will be asked to come in for an interview.  Review and study the interview questions listed above as well as the company itself.  The more you know about the company and the positions, the better. You may dress in business casual attire.  Be respectful to everyone you come in contact with and always thank them for your time.

The REI application is your foot in the door for a very good career in the sporting and outdoor industry. Applications are reviewed as they are received.  You may call to follow up on your application status and after your interview. The links found in their careers website send you to a free application.  If you’re unsure if you should apply in person or online, call your local store and find out.

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