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Brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann started RadioShack in 1921 to provide equipment for amateur radio hobbyists. The company has since evolved into a distributor of modern consumer wireless and electronic products. In 2015, the company partnered with Sprint in a co-branding venture adding Sprint services and products to their offerings. To join the team, click on the link to the RadioShack application below and apply online.

RadioShack was purchased by General Wireless Operations, Inc. who subsequently brokered the deal with Sprint to partner with the wireless giant and provide services in-store. Streamlining the brand with new signage to Sprint-RadioShack in 1,435 stores, the two have launched new marketing campaigns that reflect the streamlined product offerings. Armed with exclusive relationships with new manufacturers, RadioShack can now offer products not available in other stores.

The store-within-a-store model now allows Sprint to occupy approximately a third of the retail space in the co-branded stores in order to sell Sprint products exclusively. Paired with campaigns such as the “Sprint Cut Your Bill in Half” offers, the company hopes to generate additional foot traffic due with the arrangement. With this free application of innovative collaboration, the two companies hope this joint venture proves fruitful for both parties.

If you are looking for employment working with consumer electronics, RadioShack is hiring. Job opportunities are available both for those with electronics experience on their resume and a strong sales background. Training is provided to help you perform at your best as an employee. Interested parties can browse available positions online via the website link below.

RadioShack Careers

The heart of the future for RadioShack is in the retail sales staff. Products and branding have changed over time for the company, it is the job of the sales staff to understand the needs of the customers and best match product to address those needs. Solid product knowledge and a charismatic demeanor are essential tools for the retail sales staff to be successful.

Those working behind the scenes, in roles such as product development and marketing, play a critical role in providing the appropriate tools to those in retail RadioShack jobs to ensure a profitable operation.  Effective leadership on the corporate side of the business also has a direct impact. These individuals must have a clear communication strategy that will guide their teams with a strong focus on consistent goals.

How old do you have to be to work at RadioShack?

You must be 18 years old with a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent to apply. Preference is given to those with a successful background in the retail environment. Schedule flexibility that could include evenings, weekends, and holidays is also necessary. If you meet these requirements, submit your RadioShack application today to start your new career.

RadioShack offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, and vision plans. Additional benefits include paid time off, 401K plan, education discounts, and merchandise discounts. This is all in addition to a great work environment with well qualified co-workers. To join the team, click the link below to find out more on how to apply for RadioShack online.

Store hours vary by location, so check out the hours listed at your local store or via the store locator online. Most stores are open 7 days per week, but this can also vary. The online store locator also lists address and phone number for the locations so you can contact directly with questions. To apply for jobs at RadioShack, use the online application system.

RadioShack Job Descriptions

Retail Associate – This position is the front line for the company. Successful individuals in this role will be strong communicators and effective problem-solvers. The company offers extensive training for employees as product knowledge is a key to success. In addition to the median hourly wage for a retail sales associate of $10, employees may also receive additional recognition for top performance. Interested candidates should apply for RadioShack jobs online.

Store Manager – Relationship building is the cornerstone skill set for a store manager position. Growing both loyal customers and loyal employees will help a person in this role achieve success. Responsibilities include achieving store sales goals, day-to-day operations, and developing employee skills. For store managers, the median annual salary is approximately $36,000. A direct application submission via the website is recommended for those interested in management roles.

Lead Retail Consultant, (STARS) – This is a recent addition for those interested in RadioShack careers. These individuals will partner with Retail Associates to help RadioShack customers find a Sprint solution for their needs. As a Lead, you will need to be self-sufficient and self-motivated. Pay includes a base salary plus monthly sales incentives. If working for commission appeals to you, check out the links below to submit an online application.

Accounting Clerk – These individuals are often specialized depending on level of experience. From accounts payable to financial managers, the scope of the job can vary as well as their responsibilities. Computer literacy is often important in these roles, as well as a degree and/or certification. Median pay is around $35,000 annually. There is no option for a printable application for RadioShack, so all candidates should apply via the website.

Marketing Manager – A good Marketing Manager will have a finger on the pulse of industry trends to help product development and pricing strategy identification. Working in conjunction with other departments such as sales and public relations, these individuals are key elements in improving profits and market share. Median salary for this role is $116,000 per year. Submit your RadioShack applications directly online, there is no download application form option available.

RadioShack Interview Questions

Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer. Sometimes working with the public presents challenges. These challenges are often an opportunity to develop a relationship with a customer. Demonstrate to the interviewer how you could turn a negative situation positive and perhaps make a sale as a result.

Tell me about your experience working in retail. Show the interviewer you can be an asset. Often, retail employees find themselves filling in for other roles where there is need. Let the interviewer know you can strike a balance while keeping both the customer’s best interest and the company’s best interest in mind.

Sell me an accessory for my Sprint phone. Let your sales expertise shine through. While it’s a huge benefit to have product knowledge in your back pocket, you can effectively answer this question with basic sales strategies. If you have limited or no sales experience, do some research on the basic strategies before your interview.

What do you know about RadioShack? This is another example why doing your research before your interview is a good idea. While you may not have the recent stock performance memorized, take some time to learn about the company’s history and its current goals. Articulating how your strengths align with the current company strategy will certainly peak your interviewer’s interest.

What challenges might you face in the role? Everyone will encounter challenges in a job. Be careful not to be flippant with your answer to this one. Let the interviewer see you’ve carefully considered and researched the position. Don’t forget to include a strategy for overcoming potential challenges. This is another opportunity to highlight your strengths.

Advice For Application Process

Before your interview, or even before you apply, stop by the store. Observe the layout and how the employees interact. You’ll get a good sense of the culture in the store. Ask an associate why they like working for the company. The more information you have, the better prepared you will be for the interview.

Send a follow-up to the person you interviewed with thanking him or her for their time. Retail can be an unpredictable business and if your interview happened to coincide with an urgent store situation, the gratitude will be much appreciated. It also reinforces to the hiring manager your high interest level in the opportunity.

Be sure to present yourself in a neat and professional fashion. If the role requires you to be on the retail floor, you will be the face of RadioShack to the customer. Show the hiring manager you will represent the company in a positive way. Taking some care with your appearance also illustrates your respect for, and interest in, the role.

As mentioned above, the retail business can be unpredictable at times. Show up early and be prepared for the interview to take longer than expected. If you pad the time allotted, you won’t be distracted by other obligations. If you find yourself waiting, do so politely and be understanding of the situation with the interviewer. Since there is no printable application form available, bring a copy of your resume.


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