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Book Off is a successful bookstore, which is part of the retail industry. Due to the company’s success in its earlier years, it became one of the biggest chains in second hand bookstores worldwide.

Takashi Sakamoto founded the company in 1991. He opened their first store in Kanagawa, Japan. They launched a franchise chain within the same year. They soon opened another franchisee for used AV and PC equipment known as Hard Off in 1996.

They opened their first international chain in Hawaii in the year 2000’s and currently have over 900 stores worldwide. They sell various second hand items such as mobile phones, portable media players, mangas and video games.

The company offers promising salary, paid training, discounted merchandise, and job advancement opportunities for its employees. Full-time employees are eligible for 401K retirement plan, health insurance and paid time off.

Offering a fun and exciting business atmosphere, the company gives employees a chance to meet interesting individuals who take interest in second hand items. Due to the steady growth of the company, there is a continuous need for new employees.

How old do you have to be to work in Book Off? 

Interested job applicants or employees must be 18 or older. The age requirement may change depending on the available positions in the company.

Book Off Careers

Team Member – is responsible for shelving merchandise and receiving shipments for the store. He must exercise exceptional customer service skills at all times. He is also in charge of ringing up purchase.

Manager – is in charge of employee training and hiring and setting schedules for staff members. He rearranges store layouts, tracks sales, processes payrolls, and orders supplies.

Cashier – in charge of handling money in the form of check, cash, or credit cards from customers. His tasks also include processing transactions, scanning items and issuing receipts.

Stockroom Associate – responsible for unpacking and unloading merchandise deliveries for the company. He is in charge of stocking shelves, organizing merchandise, and attaching price tags on company products.

Other available positions in the company are assistant manager, store manager, sales associates, and retail manager. Requirements for job applications may differ for some positions.

Book Off Application

Those who wish to apply at Book Off USA need to visit the company store closest to them. Online applications are unfortunately unavailable. You may search for the nearest Book Off chain by visiting their official website.

There are many company branches all over the US. Applicants must come in casual clothing and should ask to speak to the in-store manager in order to submit their application form and resume.

Hopeful applicants must fill out their form with correct personal and contact information. An interview will be conducted for those who show a lot of promise.

A quality resume is the key to employment. Applicants must give correct details and should provide information relevant to the job. Before submitting the resume, they must spend time checking for and correcting errors.

Those called in for an interview must come prepared. It is important to conduct research on the company and the industry. This will allow them to answer company and job related questions with ease and confidence

Facts about Book Off

The company believes in the philosophy of giving to society through active business conduct. Being a Japanese centered company, hard work and respect remain to be the pillar of the business.

With their effort to reach buyers, Book Off announced their availability in the Amazon Marketplace last September 3, 2015. This allows them to cater to customers who prefer to shop online rather than in-stores.

They are known for buying second hand items from their customers. Their patrons may bring used electronics, memorabilia, and books for appraisal. Customers will receive offers from the company management or their store employees.

Book Off wishes to spread the love for used items. It is their mission to promote second hand item appreciation and provide a waste-free lifestyle for the people.

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