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Humana, Inc. is a health insurance company located in Louisville, Kentucky. The company provides a wide range of healthcare services.

Wendell Cherry and David A. Jones, Sr. are the founders of the company in 1961. To date, the company has more than 13 million clients in the United States.

Humana has employed over 52,000 workers, employees, and healthcare professionals. In 2013, Humana was 73rd in the Fortune 500 companies list.

Employees for this company enjoy competitive salaries, dental coverage, health insurance, and paid vacation leaves. Employees also enjoy the company’s working environment.

New career opportunities and competitive employee benefits are some of the reasons why most employees stay loyal to Humana. They are one of the leading health insurance companies that allow its employees to grow.

How old do you have to work at Humana?

Applicants must be at least eighteen years old to work for Humana. Starting positions do not require any previous work experience; however, having the credentials, certifications, and educational background related to the healthcare field can boost your hiring rate.

Humana Careers

Marketing Consultant. As a marketing consultant, you are required to acquire clients. You will also help develop marketing strategies for the company.

Resident Nurse. The resident nurse is responsible for providing nursing services to patients. They are in charge of conducting a thorough physical assessment prior to the consultation with the doctor.

Medical Assistant. This job requires you to assist the flow of patients in the clinic. You will perform general patient care such as weight, height and blood pressure measurement, and other duties that the doctor requires.

Customer Care Specialist. Being a Customer Care Specialist requires you to provide exceptional customer service to clients. You will also be responsible for the receiving, documenting and addressing customer complaints and inquiries.

Working with Humana is a step to a greater career in the medical and finance industries. The company helps train versatile professionals.

Humana Application

Browse the job vacancies in the Humana Careers page and search for the job that you are qualified. You will be asked to create a profile before you can apply.

Online applications are preferred, as they are directly sent to the recruiters. Therefore, it is important to register and create a profile prior to application.

When applying for the job, make sure to completely fill out the application form and profile. All details must be present for the recruiter’s reference.

Submit a complete resume that shows all your credentials and certifications needed for the job that you want. You must show why you deserve to be hired.

Prepare before you proceed with your interview. Study the company and the job you are applying for just in case you are asked questions related to them.

Facts About Humana

Humana is dedicated to helping their employees grow and to keeping their clients happy. The company even provided pay raises to their employees in 2015.

Humana is currently the third biggest health insurance company in the United States. The company is known for promoting health and well being through their sponsorships.

The company partnered with National Park Foundation and the Rock n Roll Marathon Series for the National Park Service Centennial to advocate and promote various health-related events.

The healthcare provider is also a firm supporter of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which aims to lower the number of uninsured people by creating more affordable healthcare plans.

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