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Sbarro is a family-owned pizza shop that serves extra-large slices of pizza, pasta, and salad to its customers for over 60 years. Its main office is located in Columbus, Ohio.

The chain first began in 1956 as an Italian Salumeria in Brooklyn, New York City. Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro started the pizza shop with their three sons after moving to America.

It is now currently operating in over 33 countries. Its 800 eateries are located in airports, service areas, universities and colleges, shopping malls, casinos, and even in naval bases.

Aside from the basic salary, the company’s employees are also given meal discounts, retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and insurance. Additional benefits may be included in the package depending on the branch or franchise.

Employees are given the opportunity to improve their skills and aspire for a higher position in the company. They are given the chance to train and earn at the same time through compensated training programs.

How old do you have to be to work at Sbarro?

Applicants should be 16 years old or above to be able to work in the company. This sort of age requirement is typical for companies in the food industry.

Sbarro Careers

Cashier: This person is mainly responsible for taking the orders and payments of customers. The cashier must be skilled in communicating with any kind of client.

Pizza Maker: This person’s main job is to ensure that the pizzas served to the customers pass the standards of the shop. The pizza maker must be able to work quickly to provide faster service to the customers.

General Manager: This person is tasked with overseeing the profitability of the shop. The general manager leads the other employees for them to meet the goals and objectives of the company.

Co-Manager: This person assists the general manager in supervising the daily operations of the business. The co-manager helps in the hiring and training of new employees.

Some of the other job opportunities available in the company are shift supervisor, store manager, cook, team member, field manager, crew member, and station attendant.

Sbarro Application

Finding available positions and applying for one usually entails the need to visit a nearby branch. The company’s website has a store locator tool which could be useful in checking one’s options.

The company uses both the online and personal application processes. The applicants must apply onlinefor management jobs, while the remaining positions require the applicants to apply personally.

In the last part of the application form, the applicant should write something about herself/himself. Write concisely since a long answer may discourage the hiring officer to read the form.

In writing a resume, it’s important to list one’s accomplishmentsin previous positions. This is better than just listing the positions and responsibilities that the applicant handled.

During the interview, the applicant must show interest in being part of the company’s workforce. He/she can ask the hiring manager a question or two to show this.

Things To Know About Sbarro

Connection, culture, and career are the main things that the company focuses on. To create a healthy and fun working environment for its workers, the company encourages its workforce to treat each other as family.

The company recently underwent a rebranding, expansion, and the launching of the store’s delivery service. A new branch was also opened in Ohio to cater to more customers.

Sbarro is known to be a quick-service restaurant that serves extra-large slices of New York Style pizzas made from handmade dough. There is also the Sbarro Food Court Relay that is participated by hundreds of people.

This pizza shop is a partner of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the previous years, it has donated a part of its income for the research hospital. This program is called the Slices for Hope campaign.

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